Due to the global shortages in basic materials we are temporarily not taking orders.
However, during this time we will continue to produce electronic demonstration cases.
Contact us with any questions!

As you may know there are many global shortages effecting our industry, we are working with suppliers to mitigate these as much as possible; however, some supplies
are facing extraordinary lead times which have caused us to postpone some case production for the time being.



Badger Case offers an extensive product line ranging from simple shipping or carrying cases to complex and custom solutions for sales demos, training tools, exhibits displays, electronics, inspection equipment, medical supplies, drones, wardrobes, musical instruments, and much more.

In 2017, the company expanded its product line to include portable bars and furniture.

Regardless of your project size or complexity, we will deliver the perfect custom solution within your budget, while adhering to your deadlines.


Made in the USA! Badger Case first opened its doors in 1938 as Badger Leather Goods in Milwaukee, Wis. Not too long after, the company retained one of its largest customers, the U.S. Military. During World War II, the company produced custom products for the U.S. Government. Several decades later, the family owned business still manufactured products for the U.S. Military, transitioning into one of the world's greatest case companies. Today, Badger Case is located in the Milwaukee suburbs and is a part of Alliance Technology, LLC.


Our clients include:

  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Professional Musicians
  • Hospitals and Health Care Organizations
  • U.S. Military
  • Intelligence Community
  • Schools and Universities
  • Tech companies
  • Electronic manufacturers
  • Museums
  • Auto industry
  • Artists
  • Performing Arts
  • Hotels
  • Service Industry
  • Additional Private Sector businesses



Steve Napoleon

President of Badger Case
Steve is the President of Alliance Technology, the parent company of Badger Case. Steve acquired the business in 2001.

Kim Wegman

Lead Case Designer
Kim has been with Badger Case longer than any other employee. He began in 1985 as an assembler, and now serves as the company’s lead case designer.