Due to the global shortages in basic materials we are temporarily not taking orders.
However, during this time we will continue to produce electronic demonstration cases.
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As you may know there are many global shortages effecting our industry, we are working with suppliers to mitigate these as much as possible; however, some supplies
are facing extraordinary lead times which have caused us to postpone some case production for the time being.

Base Flight Case

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Base Flight Case

Our single sided ATA rated base flight case is durable. Made from 3/8" plywood with a heavy weight black laminate. We even have a lighter Badger Board wall material, just ask for it in a custom quote. The edges have an aluminum extrusion and metal ball corners for superior protection. All cases are built with a riveted construction. Features include high quality spring loaded recessed latches to secure your items. Our recessed spring loaded handles are durable and strong. The hardware is plated for extra protection against corrosion. The interior is completely carpet lined for protection of your belongings. Most items that we make cases for are unique. We can make custom foam inserts to safely secure your unique item(s). Fill out the quote form to start your project or take a look at our custom foam page and accessories page. Are you thinking you might need a molded case? We can customize molded cases - take a look at our molded case capabilities.

Standard Features:

  • Recessed Butterfly Twist Latches
  • Lockable Latch for use with our standard TSA Combo Lock or any padlock with up to a 1/4” shank
  • Recessed Handles with Rubber Gripper
  • Hinged Lid or Removable Lid
  • Lid Height (inside dimension): 3.375”
  • Panel: 3/8” #1 Grade Birch Plywood – Black Laminated
  • Ball Corners
  • Standard Colors: Black


We Are Custom Experts! Click “Get Quote” and ask for these options and more:

  • 4” Extra HD Red Poly Casters Swivel Type, Load Capacity 600 Lbs. Per Wheel, Mounted Through 3/4″ Skateboard
  • 6″ Turf Tires, Load Capacity 600 Lbs. Per Wheel, Mounted Through 3/4″ Skateboard
  • 1/2” Double Laminate Panel or Badger Board Panel
  • Interior Partitions
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Donut Skid Caster System
  • Motor Mounts for any Hoist Motor
  • Electric or Digital Inputs
  • Custom Foam Interior
  • Aluminum Exterior
  • Custom Colors
  • Logos, Stencils…
  • Many more options available – just let us know what you need

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