Due to the global shortages in basic materials we are temporarily not taking orders.
However, during this time we will continue to produce electronic demonstration cases.
Contact us with any questions!

As you may know there are many global shortages effecting our industry, we are working with suppliers to mitigate these as much as possible; however, some supplies
are facing extraordinary lead times which have caused us to postpone some case production for the time being.

Browse Our ATA Cases

Badger Case manufactures an array of heavy-duty ATA cases, uniquely designed for your needs. Fully-customized cases for shipping, road show, electronic sales demo, and delicate equipment. You can expect our case to take on the toughest shipping environment.

Base ATA Style Case

2 Wheel Retractable Handle ATA Style Case

Medium ATA Style Case with Casters

Large ATA Style Case with Casters

Professional Grade

Badger Case custom makes a wide variety of professional grade cases in countless sizes, styles and configurations. Let us build you a durable travel case in the perfect size for your equipment or products. Features include locking latches, retractable pull handles, heavy duty wheels, and customized foam interiors. We can make water and dust resistant designs. Just ask and we can build what you need. Not sure if you need an Flight Case style? We can customize blow molded, injection molded, roto molded cases and more. We are distributors for Pelican Products, SKB Cases, Gemstar and more.

Our cases are ATA-approved which means they are Air Transport Association rated and suitable for shipment on the airlines. Our cases are classified as ATA 300, Category 1 — the highest standard for an airline transport container (a minimum of 100 common carrier trips).

Since 1958 we have built shipping cases for transporting computers, electronic equipment, valuable parts, medical or industrial instrumentation, and much more.

Badger Case served companies like Apple, GE, Komatsu, Catepillar, Trane and more. We provide cases to professional sports teams like the Green Bay Packers. Badger custom builds cases for huge entertainment production companies like Live Nation. What can we build for you?

Tall ATA Style Case

Medium ATA Case with Drawers and Casters

Rolling ATA Case with Drawers and Bins

ATA Case with Drawers, Casters and Table

Medium ATA Case with Table Connection

Presentation ATA Case with Shelves

Workstation ATA Case with Power Inputs

Large Multi Screen Bookcase Style ATA Case

5 Drawer ATA Case with Tool Bins

Rolling Trunk ATA Case with Table Legs Top

6 Drawer ATA Case with Table Legs Top

Large Device Demonstration ATA Case

Medium Mobile traveling Display case

Multiple Digital Device ATA Case with Inputs

Large Object Split Top Style ATA Case

8 Plastic Bin Bookcase Style ATA Case

12 Cubby Wardrobe Bookcase Style Case

24 Cubby 6 Drawer Bookcase ATA Case

XL Multi Drawer Wardrobe Case & changing screen