Due to the global shortages in basic materials we are temporarily not taking orders.
However, during this time we will continue to produce electronic demonstration cases.
Contact us with any questions!

As you may know there are many global shortages effecting our industry, we are working with suppliers to mitigate these as much as possible; however, some supplies
are facing extraordinary lead times which have caused us to postpone some case production for the time being.

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Demonstration Cases (Training & Sales)

Case Study: G.E. Medical Simulator Case

Watch the video to see how our cases helped G.E. Medical. Badger Case built the travelling cases in the video to help train CT professionals.

electronic demonstration cases

Electronic Demonstration Cases

Your Trusted Technical Turnkey Partner
Badger Case is the industry leader in producing highly technical demo cases. Our custom cases will enhance your sales presentations you make to your customers. No more fumbling around with many pieces. No more forgetting components. All your components wired in one case so all your sales team needs is an outlet. Whether it be for controls, electrical or digital industries, we can make it. We have made 1,000's of technical engineered cases for the largest companies in the world. We have made cases for small tool and die shops. No matter the size - we can help build a demo case. Our team of designers and case builders will build your case to your specifications. Using CAD software, our team will work with your engineering and technicians to design a case to your exact needs. Once we get approval of the case design, our expert case builders get to work. Our experience in electrical, digital, control units and motors will assure your case is built right.
We've built electronic demonstration cases for:
  • Electronic Systems
  • Controls Engineering Systems
  • HVAC Environmental Controls
  • Robotic Assembly Controls
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Relays and Switches
  • Lighting Systems
  • Motor and Drives
  • Much more!
Our cases are ATA-approved. This means they are Air Transport Association rated and suitable for airlines. Our cases are classified as ATA 300, Category 1 — the highest standard for an airline transport container (at least 100 common carrier trips).
Since 1958, we have built shipping cases for transporting fragile and critical items.
Badger Case serves companies like Apple, GE, Komatsu, Catepillar, Trane and more. We provide cases to professional sports teams like the Green Bay Packers. Badger custom builds cases for huge entertainment production companies like Live Nation. What can we build for you?

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